Government Sources 

1882年《ope体育app》通过后,进出美国的中国移民和华裔美国公民受到联邦政府的严密监控. 几乎所有来自《ope体育app》时代的移民和旅行者都有包含采访记录的案件档案, correspondence, government forms, photographs, and other records about individuals and families. 

These Chinese Exclusion Act records are maintained by the National Archives. The Reference Information Paper from the National Archives "Chinese Immigration and the Chinese in the United States" 描述了他们在全国范围内持有的中国移民研究的这些和其他记录. By knowing what port of entry your ancestor arrived at or traveled through, 你就会知道国家档案馆的哪个部门可能有排华法案的记录.

The National Archives at San Francisco offers these Basic Research Steps for Immigration Records 用于研究旧金山和檀香山地区移民归化局的案件档案.